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Our aim is to preserve and up bring the animals in a quality environment. We also wish to educate people who are going to become or are already animal friends. This is the reason why mainly children visit our ZOO. We wish to draw nature and animals nearer to our children. People, who need advice on how to establish a bond of trust between man and animal, visit our ZOO. The modern person is losing his touch with nature. This means he is also losing touch with himself. The ZOO teaches children how to interact with animals, how to create a habitat that ensures a healthy life (air, light, healthy food...). It also teaches them that animals need love, trust, and respect... When a child experiences nature with all of his senses, he establishes a positive attitude towards it. Our childhood experiences stay with us forever; sound, smell or images. Modern kids are much more familiar with ringtones than with animal sounds. They create imaginary images instead of images of real creatures that live with us. To bring nature closer to them we offer learning with realia for individuals and groups from schools and kindergartens.


The mere presence, observation, petting the animal, interaction or the care for the animal improves our mood. It relaxes us, increases our immune system and improves our communication... Research have shown that the interaction with animals has a positive influence on our health (after a stroke or other illnesses) and it can prolong our life. The animal can become our friend, companion, teammate, comforter or someone who needs to be looked after. The animal relaxes us, calms us down and brings us joy. It can be a fellow passenger in loneliness or a bright spot during an illness. Animals can also assist us in different activities and therapies.


The ZOO is located on the estate in Boračeva, a place in the municipality of Radenci - not far from the health resort. Beautiful forests surround the ZOO. One side of the forest reaches all the way to the river Mura, while the other end touches the wine-growing hills. We try to constantly introduce new animals to the ZOO, upkeep our accessible paths and maintain the surrounding clean. We are also expanding the animals´ habitat to accommodate for extracurricular and educational activities. The modern children aren´t in touch with nature enough. They barely know it and have no knowledge of nature´s rules. They do not interact with animals enough. The ZOO is specifically built to accommodate for this. Our visitors can watch, pet, feed, photograph and jot down interesting facts about the animals. This can be done under the watchful eye of an expert. Those eager for equestrian sports can ride horses or learn the basics of horse riding. Natural farming also takes place on the estate. The city folk usually treats illness with pills; however, contact with nature also remedies the negative effects of stress, unhealthy eating habits, lack of exercise, interpersonal conflict... We invite everyone to find health in nature and alongside the animals. We have an excellent cycle path, trim track, and kind people. Locals are very pleasant and talkative. We have socialized our animals. Animals are constantly interacting with each other and with us. Their habitat is 2.7 ha large. Different groups of animals occupy the pastures at different times. We also cultivate 6.5 ha of land for obtaining quality fodder.

In the future, we wish to expand our offer by building a larger terrarium, an educational forest road and by introducing new animals to our ZOO.

Since I can remember,
I felt that we live and share things with animals.

Owner: Mitev Todor - Tomi

Dusan Kreslin
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